Deep Dive Coaching with Judy to find your message that sells YOU

Have a pro write your pitch that you can use to get speaking engagements, Ted talks, or turn into a sizzle reel. Judy will personally guide you so you end up with a professionally written pitch.

How do you get paid speaking gigs or a TED Talk?

What’s the difference between a comic-making $150/show and a funny speaker making $15,000 a talk?

One of them has a message.

Careers are built on pitching a message that’s both commercial and personal – The Message of You™.

Although every day you are living your essential life message, it’s difficult to see it and articulate it.

Judy Carter has a step-by-step system to unearth your message and turn it into a one-minute pitch that you can use to escalate your career, promote your book, your speech, and make a difference in the world. You walk away not only with knowing your message but a written version of it that you can use as your script for a Sizzle Reel.

Deep Dive Coaching that Includes:

Get a signed hard copy of The Message of You book with Judy personally guiding you through select exercises to find your message

Free download of The Message of You Journal to discover extraordinary stories in an ordinary day

Get professional in-depth review and feedback on The Message of You exploratory formula

Email communications with Judy to evaluate your message & expand it

One hour face-to-face coaching where Judy will write your unique Message of You pitch

Have Judy Discover and Write Your Money-Making Pitch!


At an early age, Judy Carter discovered that the messes in her life were great comedy material and could be used to inspire others.  Turning problems into punch lines, she became one of America’s top stand-up comics performing and teaching comedy internationally. Her students include Seth Rogan, Maz Jobrani, and Hannah Gadsby.

As an author, Judy doesn’t like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke, she’s the author of The New Comedy Bible which rose to the #1 book on comedy on Amazon and is the go-to book for anyone launching a career in comedy. Her other book, The Message of You, has become wildly popular as a how to guide to becoming a professional paid speaker. Currently, Judy speaks internationally on how to discover one’s essential life message and use it to transform lives. Her work has been featured in the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, and on CNN.