Judy Carter

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How to Find Your Money-Making Message and Sell Yourself

Deep Dive into your Life and Find your Essential Message

Want to have hundreds of people begging to get into your online webinar and buy your products & services? Want to know how to get lucrative speaking engagements? Get a TED Talk?

Then you need a compelling message — “The Message of You™”

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In this free online training, Judy will walk you step-by-step to:

Identify personal stories that support your message…

Inspire others by telling your mess-to-success story

Comb your career for credentials…

And how to spin them to sound impressive & qualify you for paid speaking gigs

Transform your message into products…

including books, webinars, speaking & consulting clients

Sell your message with humor…

Using comedy techniques from The New Comedy Bible.

Monetize your message…

by turning it into a one-minute pitch or sizzle reel.


As a thank you for watching this webinar, you’ll receive high value tools to continue your journey to getting paying gigs.

One year complimentary membership in The Message of You™ University

Contains self-guided videos that show how to Find Your Message, Write your Speech, Make it Funny, and Market it. (a $770 value)

List of Speaker Bureaus

A list of agents who book speakers, complete with their names, phone numbers, websites, locations, and notes on who they are.

The Message of You™ Formula

A deep dive 6-step process that results in a compelling pitch to get a TED Talk, sell yourself as a speaker, create a webinar, or turn into a one-minute sizzle reel.


Careers are built on pitching a message that’s both commercial and personal – The Message of You™.

Although every day you are living your essential life message, it’s difficult to see it and articulate it.

I’ve developed a step-by-step system to unearth your message and turn it into a one-minute pitch that you can use to escalate your career, promote your book, your speech, and make a difference in the world.

I grew up with the perfect career for launching a comedy career: childhood speech impediment, alcoholic father, disabled sister and depression. I had to be funny… or die.

I went on to perform on over 100 TV shows as a standup and coming off the road, I wrote one of the best-selling books on the how-tos of comedy, Stand-up Comedy:  The Book that got me an interview by Oprah Winfrey.

Since then, I have been a keynoter at hundreds of events as well as doing a TEDx and TED Talk pitching myself as the cure for the common cubicle. As an author, I don’t like to brag, but I did write the Bible. No joke, I’m the author of “The Comedy Bible” (Simon & Schuster) and “The Message of You: Turn Your Life Story into a Money-Making Speaking Career” (St. Martin’s Press). And “The NEW Comedy Bible” which has been translated into 6 languages.

This Could Be YOU.

Robert Christian Minson
Breathflow Wellness | Life Coach
“…following her direction I got a gig…”

Akili Worthy
Master Trainer |Life-Purpose Coach
“…I booked 3 gigs right away…”

John Beede
Entrepreneur | Keynote Speaker
“…propelled my speaking fee from $2,500 to $10,000…”

Peter Margaritis
C.P.A. | Keynote Speaker
“…she was right! I got a great laugh…”