Admin Pro Rap Song for Admin Appreciation Week





Sing Along to Judy’s Admin Rap!

Lighten up your office by having a single along. (Judy asked your forgiveness for her lack of musical talent and soul.)

Prudential Admin Rap Song!

Admin as my vocation
Causing me much frustration
Always in a crisis situation
No wonder I’m on medication

I’m learning new software
Making data easy to share
But what is really deranged
As soon as I learn it, it’s gonna change

It’s not fair!

You send me emails every day
On your project can be no delays
But work is going the pace of a snail
Cause I’m busy answering your stupid emails

I’m trying to cut my time losses
Working for 7 bosses
What drives me out of my tree
When everything is a priority

I need some air, it’s not fair

And, I don’t have any authority
When they say Get this ASAP!
They say I’m getting things in late
But, it’s not my fault you procrastinate

I’m overheating
Trying to arrange another meeting
Figuring out everyone’s schedule
Is turning me into a pretzel

Trying to set a meeting date
Why did they give me the event late
I’m now filled with gloom
The only space open is the men’s room

What really gets my goat
Why do we still use Lotus notes
Everyone else uses outlook
I might as well be using a phone book
It’s like we are on a tech diet
Oh let me look it up on my palm pilot?

One boss is a baby boomer
I don’t get his humor
I don’t listen to the Stones
And, I’m not going use a Dictaphone

I need some air, it’s not fair

Computer problem I don’t understand
So, I call Ireland for a helping hand
I just need to vent
I don’t understand their accent

Talking to me you can’t be mean
I’m the calendar Queen
You want to meet with my boss?
I like flowers & single malt scotch

The phone rings -This is Liz!
I’m supposed to know who that is?
Making me feel like a jerk
What am I – the Psychic Network?
The printer’s down, the office’s hot
My baby boomer boss is smoking pot
I need some air, It’s not fair
I need some air, It’s not fair DANCE

What makes us go berserk
When people call us jerks
We’re sick of this devaluation
So let me give you an education

If you don’t want complication
Treat us with appreciation
So let me say without hesitation
We’re the Goddesses of this corporation


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