Speaker Mastermind Part #1: Create a Webinar to Launch Your Speaking Career


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6-week program

You will be guided on how to transform your TMOY message into an online webinar.

Dates and Times:

Part 1: Tuesdays, starting July 28 to September 1 – noon to 2 pm (Pacific Time)

(If you miss a session, you will receive a video recording)

Learn how to:

  • Transform your TMOY pitch into a Webinar Script.
  • Customize your webinar script using Judy’s Famous Speaker Template.
  • Add in a compelling credibility story and a heart story.
  • Enhance your webinar using Zoom tools and visuals to add engagement.
  • Identify and find your ideal audience to enhance your webinar’s buy-ability.
  • Establish your giveaways e.g. downloadable materials and or consults.
  • Use your webinar to sell add-ons such as coaching, products and speaking.