TEDx Package One: Finding, Writing And Submitting Your TEDx Application


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So, you want to do a TEDx Talk?

In this 3-hour, face-to-face online coaching program, Frank King will coach you how to:

  • Uncover where and when TEDx talks take place in your area.
  • Find the links to apply for a TEDx Talk.
  • Discover your “idea worth sharing.”
  • Align your message with the specific TEDx Theme.
  • Write your title and subtitle.
  • Perfect your written pitch to the TEDx community.
  • Create a compelling video pitch.
  • Apply in a way that stands out.
  • Videotape your one to two minute pitch and put it up on Youtube.
  • Rewrite and polish your submission.

 And send…

TIME: 3 one-hour sessions

 COACH: Frank King

 COST: $595 

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