TEDx Package Three: Writing and Performing Your TEDx Talk


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You’re accepted! Don’t panic, as we will help you write your complete TED Talk.

You Will Learn:

Once you are selected, you will learn how to turn your idea worth spreading, your 5-minute audition, and your answers to the 10-minute Q and A into a spellbinding 18-minute TEDx Talk.

You will learn how to:

  • turn your idea worth spreading, 5-minute audition and 10-minute Q and A into your TEDx Talk
  • grab them with your opening and close strong
  • create TEDx worthy PowerPoints slides
  • include numbers and statistics for the left-brain audience members
  • move the audience emotionally
  • create your aha! moment

You will also learn how to:

  • Memorize your TEDx Talk and video record it, without an audience
  • Review recording and making changes as needed
  • Have a practice in front of a live audience
  • have a final review so you are ready to perform with confidence.

TIME: 6 one-hour sessions

COST: $1500 

COACHES: Frank King / Judy Carter


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