The Message of You Journal: Finding Extraordinary Stories in an Ordinary Day





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What the Message of You Journal can do for you:

  • Uncover stories for speeches, TED talks, blogs, social media, TV appearances
  • Become conscious of your effect on others
  • Discover what holds you back from success
  • Control your experiences rather than letting them control you
  • Become a passionate leader and a motivational force in the world
  • Discover lost childhood memories
  • Find and live The Message of You

Judy Carter has created a 21-Day interactive journal that will guide you to uncover the inspiring stories that occur in an ordinary day before they slip through your fingers. You don’t have to wait for dramatic life events to have a story that can turn into your TED talk, a memoir, or just something a little less stale to serve over dinner. Nor do you have to rely on funny things happening to have a story that will have an audience wiping tears from their eyes in laughter. In a seemingly ordinary day, there are hidden stories that contain laughs, drama, and a powerful message that can create a ripple effect of inspiration.

How does it work?

This interactive journal, guides you to answer specific questions about 21 days of your life. After spending 15 minutes a day writing in the BOOK VERSION or the DOWNLOADABLE PDF VERSION, Carter then shows how the scenes from your daily life, combined with childhood memories can be turned into stories that can be used to promote your brand, enhance your speeches, and understand the meaning of your life.

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