Stage Fright Medication: Yes, there is a pill for that. Performance anxiety medication

Well, guess what? The cure to performance anxiety can be as simple as swallowing a pill. Yes, there is a pill for all sorts of performance anxiety!

According to the Wall Street Journal, “that's the advice being offered by a growing number of doctors, who say the drugs that have helped millions of people overcome anxiety or depression -- including Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft -- can quell stage fright

Now, as someone who has made a living from performing and has had terrible stage fright, I myself wouldn’t use drugs. I want to feel scared. Hey, if getting up in front of people DOESN’T scare you, check your pulse, as you might be dead.


When you are scared, that means you care. Although it feels horrible, I feel the need to have fear as it is my experience that my fear turn into excitement as soon as I hit the stage. Standing in front of others is a heightened experience and I would hate to have that dulled down by a pill. That excitement sharpens my mind, it gives me an edge that the audience can read as charisma.

Besides – nervousness can be funny if you make a joke about it.