Stage Fright Symptoms: Do you have Stage fright or do you always shake?

According to WedMD the symptoms of Stage fright (performance anxiety) are:

    •    Racing pulse and rapid breathing.
    •    Dry mouth and tight throat.
    •    Trembling hands, knees, lips, and voice.
    •    Sweaty and cold hands.
    •    Nausea and an uneasy feeling in your stomach.
    •    Vision changes

Having performance anxiety is normal as there is nothing calming about having to stand in front of people and give a presentation. But, when you start shaking a month prior to your speech, that’s a problem.

MSNBC collected stories of people having stage fright:

My instructor in "Public Speaking" at the University of Tennessee once said to me, "You're the worst speaker I have ever heard." Terrified, I found it difficult to continue with the class, but it was a requirement for my degree. Fortunately, I read somewhere that the Indians developed their courage by running and shouting. So, on my way to class, I would run and shout. That helped. Today I am a Toastmaster and I earn my living by serving as a workshop leader.
— Lynn, Oklahoma City

So, know that you are not alone if you have symptoms of stage fright. But, if your stage fright symptoms get in the way of you doing your job and living your life, you might want to consider stage fright medication. Please read the other blog to see what medical choices you have to conquer stage fright.