How to Turn Your Story into a Money-Making Speech

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Baily Heard — from single mom to professional speaker

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At 29, Bailey Heard had a terrible tragedy. Her husband died of cancer, leaving her with a toddler, a depression, and a few books that he had self-published. One day in church, she told her story to the congregation and found that people were moved by it. She was asked to tell it at another church, which is when she read my book, The Message of You and called me for help preparing what to say.

Bailey had stories, but had not formulated a message. You don’t get paid for telling stories. You need a message. But Bailey, a stay at home mom, wasn’t sure how to go about it and lacked confidence. That’s often the case with people I work with. They need help finding their message.

Her Eureka Moment was the realization that what her husband’s book, that he had written to their daughter Ellie, was her message. In the book, he’d gone through the alphabet and written prescriptions for life starting with each letter. Finishing it while dying, this was his legacy, a gift to both mother and daughter. The Ellie Project: A Children’s Guide to Building Character from the Final Words of a Loving Father 


Together, Bailey and I constructed her message around the insights in her husband’s book, finding not only the centerpiece of her speech, but a purpose for her life and a way distribute his book.

Next step was teaching Baily “The Message of You Formula” for creating a speech: how to pull in an audience, pick the right stories, add humor, and hit it out of the park with a heart story.

The next time she volunteered to speak in a church she made over $1,000 in book sales.

Bailey no longer doubts herself. She’s now in demand as a speaker and so are her products. Last weekend, one speaking engagement brought in $5,400.

Now, not only can she support her family, but her life has new purpose as she creates a ripple effect of inspiration whenever she speaks.

What is YOUR mess to success story? Let me help you turn your story into a money-making speech. For a limited time, you can view free online lessons on how to find your heart story, discover your message and launch a speaking career.

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