Turning Your Message into a TEDx Talk… for FREE

Want to do a TEDx Talk? We can help you find your “idea worth sharing,” fill out your application, record your submission video, write your speech, and have you become a TEDx speaker. As a student of TMOY, you get it free! (a $249 value)

Why do a TEDx Talk?

A TEDx Talk is a great way to:

  • Promote your brand, book, and message
  • Segue to being a paid speaker
  • Have a fantastic video
  • Get your message seen by millions
  • Help humanity

Disclaimer: If you follow the instructions and use the tools provided with this coaching program, we can guarantee that your audience will be spellbound by your TEDx Talk. What we cannot guarantee, is that you will be selected to present a TEDx Talk. Each TEDx talk has its own selection committee, theme, and qualities that they are looking for in a speaker and an idea worth spreading. We can guarantee we will work tirelessly with you to put you in the best possible position to be chosen, so sign up and let’s get talking!

TEDx Module One: Finding, Writing And Submitting Your TEDx Application

So, you want to do a TEDx Talk?

In this online intensive program, Frank King will coach you how to:

  • Uncover where and when TEDx talks take place in your area.
  • Find the links to apply for a TEDx Talk.
  • Discover your “idea worth sharing.”
  • Align your message with the specific TEDx Theme.
  • Write your title and subtitle.
  • Perfect your written pitch to the TEDx community.
  • Create a compelling video pitch.
  • Apply in a way that stands out.
  • Videotape your one to two minute pitch and put it up on Youtube.
  • Rewrite and polish your submission.

 And send…


And we’ll toss in a 30 minute TEDx coaching session for free! (a $250 value)

Glenn Freezman

Speaker / Comic

Hufsa Ahmad

Corporate Trainer / Speaker

Mona Shaikh

Speaker/ Comic

TEDx Module Two: Callback Audition Coaching

You are accepted for the second round of auditions, now what!?!

Before you are accepted to do a TEDx Talk, there is a second round of auditions.  In this coaching package, Frank King will show you how to:

  • Expand your “idea worth spreading” into a compelling 5-minute summary to present to the TEDx selection committee.
  • Identify correlating stories
  • Create a compelling call-to-action
  • Video record your 5-minute audition and review
  • Prepare for, and rock, the 5 to 10 minute Q & A following your audition.

And we’ll toss in a 30 minute TEDx coaching session for free! (a $250 value)

TEDx Module Three: Writing and Performing Your TEDx Talk

You’re accepted! Don’t panic, as we will help you write your complete TED Talk.

You Will Learn:

Once you are selected, you will learn how to turn your idea worth spreading, your 5-minute audition, and your answers to the 10-minute Q and A into a spellbinding 18-minute TEDx Talk.

You will learn how to:

  • turn your idea worth spreading, 5-minute audition and 10-minute Q and A into your TEDx Talk
  • grab them with your opening and close strong
  • create TEDx worthy PowerPoints slides
  • include numbers and statistics for the left-brain audience members
  • move the audience emotionally
  • create your aha! moment

You will also learn how to:

  • Memorize your TEDx Talk and video record it, without an audience
  • Review recording and making changes as needed
  • Have a practice in front of a live audience
  • have a final review so you are ready to perform with confidence.

And we’ll toss in a 30 minute TEDx coaching session for free! (a $250 value)

Andrew Barajas

Speaker / Comic

Dalia Mogahed

Director of Research
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Dr. Jeffery Rediger

Speaker/ Author

Your TEDx Talk Coaches

Frank King was a writer for the Tonight Show for 20 years, and he holds the record for the longest non-stop comedy club road trip ever. Beginning the day after Christmas in 1985, he and his wife (who must have the patient of Job) were on the road 2,629 nights in a row, comedy club to comedy club and cheap motel room to cheap motel room, with no home, just a PO Box and voice mail.

Along the way he worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnel, Kevin Nealon, Bill Engval, Dr. Ken Joeng, Rita Sirleaf and Kevin James among others.

Since becoming a public speaker on Suicide Prevention in 2014, he’s done four TEDx Talks, has another one scheduled for February, and he’s in the second round of auditions for DukeTEDx.

In 2016 he began coaching potential TEDx Talkers, when a number of his speaker coaching clients approached him and asked if he would coach them on scoring a TEDx Talk opportunity. Since then, those half-dozen clients have all done their first TEDx Talk, one of those is scheduled to do her second early in 2019, and four of them are also in the second round of auditions for DukeTEDx!


Read Frank King’s book, “Guts, Grit & The Grind,” where you will find inspiring stories of resilience, recovery and transformation with a dash of humor for men with a dash of humor along with tools to help men overcome hardship and build and maintain a life worth living.





Judy CarterInterviewed by Oprah Winfrey after writing her first book, Judy Carter went from playing Vegas as a headlining standup comic to become an in-demand corporate speaker. Speaking on The Power of Purpose to overcome stress and navigate change, she was featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, as well as being a frequent contributor to NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

Judy doesn’t like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke, she’s the author of “The Comedy Bible” (Simon & Schuster) as well as “The Message of You” (St. Martin’s Press).