Lesson 1 – (Intro) Welcome to The Message of You™

Introduction to The Message of You™ Formula and what you will be learning in Module 1

This introduction will take you through what you will be learning in this first module of The Message of You™ University.

This free lesson and exercise will get you started on the journey of discovering The Message of You™.

Download The Message of You™ Formula  (PDF) (DOC)
(right click Save Link As to download direct – make sure you have Adobe Reader)

Download Module 1 Syllabus  (PDF


 purple play button Supplemental Video – Judy Carter: The Power of TMOY


 purple play button Miss the Module 1 Overview Video? Rewatch it here


Although this course has a lot of videos and homework, the end result will be your Message Statement which will be less than 2 minutes. This message can be used as a promo video or an elevator speech answering the question, “What do you speak about?”

Here Orlinda Lusher gives her Message Statement after going through Module 1: Finding The Message of You:

 purple play button Supplemental Video – Orlinda Lusher


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